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Portal for decentralized apps

Elph is an app for Mac and Windows to find and use Ethereum dApps

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Discover New DApps

Discover new decentralized apps through the included dApp store. Filter by categories, browse dApp lists, or search for specific keywords to explore the collection of apps on the decentralized web.

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Natively Use DApps

Explore and use dApps built on the Ethereum blockchain. Elph handles all the heavylifting for you so the entire experience feels like using a regular website.

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Store Your Digital Assets

Safely store your Ethereum-based digital assets including ERC20 tokens and ERC721 collectibles in the in-built wallet. Seamlessly use your digital assets on Web3-enabled dApps with just one click.

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Decentralized app store.
Community driven.

Elph comes with a decentralized app store baked right in the portal. It's your one stop shop to find the best dApps at the click of a button. Powered by the ELPH token, the Elph Protocol manages the submission and ranking process to maintain the highest quality of dApps. So you know that you're seeing the best dApps on the planet.

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The most powerful decentralized apps.
At your fingertips.

There's a new, decentralized Internet with thousands of decentralized apps being built on top of game-changing blockchain technology. Elph supports protocols built for decentralized apps, making them just as simple and intuitive to use as normal Internet websites today. Enjoy thousands of dApps like digital collectible platforms, games, decentralized exchanges, feeless marketplaces, and more!

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Store Your Digital Assets

Digital assets like cryptocurrencies, tokens, and collectibles are the backbone of decentralized apps. Elph comes with a native wallet to make managing your assets dead simple. Plus, we'll also back up a client-side encrypted key to our secure cloud, making it easy to use your assets on any device.

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Ritik Malhotra

Co-Founder & CEO
Previously co-founder & CEO of Streem (acquired by Box). Partner at S2 Capital. Y Combinator alum and Thiel Fellow. B.S. EE & CS, UC Berkeley.

Tanooj Luthra

Co-Founder & CTO
Ex-Senior Crypto Engineer at Coinbase (worked on Segwit Support and Bitcoin Cash). Previously founded Streem (YC S12), acq. by Box. B.S. EE & CS at UC Berkeley.

Vamsi Chitters

Ex-Google Engineer on Search Infrastructure. M.S. in CS (AI/ML) at Stanford and B.S. EE & CS at UC Berkeley. Prior research in parallel and distributed computing.

Sarat Ravi

Ex-Senior Engineer at Box (developed Box Drive). Previously developed streaming filesystem technology at Streem (acq. by Box). B.S. EE & CS at UC Berkeley.

Abhinav Lanka

Previously lead full stack software engineer at Look (group video messaging startup). Ex-Yahoo Engineer on Ads Backend. B.S. CS at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Dawn Song

Professor at UC Berkeley with research in blockchain tech, decentralized systems, and computer security. Co-director of the Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts (IC3).

Team's Past Affiliations

Y Combinator
Thiel Fellowship