ELPH Token

The ELPH token is an ERC20 token used to power the curation mechanics for the decentralized app store.

Token Mechanics

The Elph Protocol sets the rules and mechanics on how the decentralized app store is curated. The ELPH token is an integral part of the protocol for curators to approve and rank dApps in the store.

Approval process

DApp Submission Process

DApp Developers stake ELPH tokens to apply into the store. Curators can also stake ELPH tokens to challenge applications, which are approved or rejected by a global token-holder vote.

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Voting ranking

DApp Ranking Algorithm

Curators upvote and downvote dApps in the store based on the number of ELPH tokens they hold. DApps are sorted based on the cumulative vote data.

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Network rewards

Network Rewards

All network participants receive value from the Elph Protocol. Consumers find the best dApps, developers get distribution for their dApps, and curators get additional tokens as rewards for properly curating dApps.

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Read our token whitepaper to learn more about the ELPH token, how the Elph Protocol works, and the cryptoeconomic incentives.